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Learn About Our Founder's Background

If you are looking for a qualified Realtor® who has the educational background, experience, and will treat you like a friend, then you’ve come to the right place. Alicia has lived in Orlando since she was a baby, which means Alicia has an intimate knowledge of the town and its neighborhoods.

Taking it a Step Further

BSBA-Real Estate
Licensed Real Estate Broker,

From early on, Alicia has always had a love for real estate, and a passion for working with people. She also knew that if she followed this path, she wanted to be the best and learn everything she could about the industry. Instead of simply going to real estate school to get her license, like most do, she made the decision to go to the University of Central Florida and then graduated with a business degree in real estate. This was in addition to taking the other required steps with the State of Florida.

The combination of her business degree (specifically in real estate), her ongoing learning to meet all the requirements, her friendly approachable personality, and vast knowledge of the Orlando market, truly sets Alicia apart from the rest. The majority of real estate agents do not take those extra steps.

Full Time Professional Realtor

Unlike many real estate agents, Alicia is a full-time Realtor®? This is not something she does in addition to other jobs, nor does she simply lodge her license for that occasional referral. She truly lives and breathes real estate. The pride and care she takes in her work is why clients think of her as their “best friend in real estate”.

In-depth Experience

Alicia’s education, hands-on experience and, insight empower her to solve any challenges that may arise in your quest to sell or buy a home. When you meet Alicia, you will see that she talks the talk, and walks the walk. You can feel comfortable knowing that when you’re in her care during this process, she will listen to your needs, and get the job done right.

Embedded Sense of Community

Community involvement is one of the activities that is important to Alicia. She supports organizations that have an impact and encourages others to do the same.

Alicia's Inspiration

The Perfect Realtor to Help You

Alicia has a real love story with real estate and would love to share more with you.

Are you ready for Alicia and her team to help you?